The Briefer

A co-creative adcept exploration that delivers the most compelling human truths for your advertising brief.

About the Briefer

"After struggling a bit with the agency, we decided to use the BCR Briefer to improve the brief. The results were impressive, so was the speed and practicality of the process. In a very short time we had an array of adcepts that we took to consumers. The insights that came from this process made all the difference. The agency loved the new brief, which quickly led to a strong ad that everybody was happy with." Mary Santaniello, Brand Director, Europe & NA, NIVEA

Behind every brilliant advertising campaign lies a profound human truth.

Introducing the BCR Briefer – a transformative method designed to guide you and your agency in unearthing this truth and infusing it into an inspired advertising brief.

By leveraging the Briefer, you'll accelerate the journey towards stronger ad ideas, bypassing the arduous revisions that often stem from either an informal brief or one developed without the help of consumers.


Initially, we assist our clients in formulating adcepts (advertising concepts) grounded in the existing understanding of the product's appeal. Each adcept is strategically crafted to encompass distinct emotional territories.

Subsequently, we engage consumers with these adcepts, uncovering the genuine human truths that ignite the highest levels of excitement for your product.

To conclude, we collaborate with the client and their agency to craft an inspired advertising brief that revolves around these newfound human insights.

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