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13 milliseconds

The blink of an eye it takes to hook your consumer with an idea.

2 seconds

The amount of time consumers spend, if hooked, trying to intuitively decode your offering. If your idea isn’t clear or relevant, it's overlooked. Sadly, this is the fate for 98% of customer-facing assets, such as pack designs, claims and advertising.


The amount of time a consumer will potentially think and talk about your brand once you've successfully navigated this 2 second window.     

Welcome to BCR
Our approach is founded on a simple tenant of neural science: HUMANS MAKE MOST DECISIONS WITHIN 2 SECONDS, especially when choosing products for their everyday needs. Ready to make every second count? Let's connect and start developing innovation, communication and strategy that can thrive in this 2 second world.

What we do

icon concept development

Concept Development

2 seconds - the window consumers take to grasp your product's narrative. We specialize in crafting concepts that swiftly bridge the gap from product to emotions, resonating within their hearts and minds.

icon advertising development

Advertising Development

A compelling emotional hook is the cornerstone of effective advertising. We specialize in discovering communication insights that captivate attention and optimize engagement with your message.

icon consumer insights

Consumer Insights

Human truths ignite exceptional marketing. We assist you in revealing profound and innovative insights that enhance every aspect of the marketing mix—encompassing impactful names, compelling claims, story-telling designs, immersive customer journeys, and engaging ads.

icon metaverse marketing

AI-Assisted Ideamanship

BCR stands as a founding partner of neuroflash—an innovative AI platform fueled by neuroscience. This platform empowers clients to swiftly create customer-facing assets such as names, claims, and social media headlines/posts. With BCR and neuroflash by your side, we enable you to seamlessly break through the cacophony of our 2-second world, fostering unparalleled top-of-mind prominence within your markets and categories.

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Our Toolbox

Since 2002, we offer cutting edge idea-development and co-creation tools, keeping step with advancements in technology and human sciences.

The Result:
A unique portfolio of consumer-centric tools that can be adapted to match our clients specific requirements.


Qualitative co-creation

Perfect for our 2-second world, the FOPPER helps you develop disruptive CONCEPTS & CLAIMS that jump straight from your Front-Of-Pack (FOP) into your consumers' hearts.

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This tool is designed to develop CONCEPTS & CLAIMS for:

Core brand and product relaunches
New product variants
New product ranges
New technologies
Entry into new segments
Creation of new segments
Building innovation roadmaps
Blue-sky innovation

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Qualitative Tool

A co-creative method delivers the most exciting human truths for your advertising brief.

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This tool is designed to develop BRIEFS for:

Television commercials
Social Media/ Digital ads
POS materials
Product Demonstrations

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Pain Seeker

Qualitative Tool

A qualitative insight study that gives you a window to consumer’s subconscious needs, desires and attitudes, revealing the seeds of unimaginable ideas.

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This tool is designed to develop develop CONCEPTS & CLAIMS for:

Feelings that underlie their deepest wishes and desires
Frustrations and obstacles that stand in their way of perfect need fulfilment
Insights into how they feel about your brand, revealing subconscious bias, prejudice and barriers
Fresh, disruptive ideas that were previously unimaginable to consumers, the client team and competitors

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Metaverse Ideation

The metaverse is waiting for you and your brand! Gather your team and agencies for an inspiring METAVERSE MARKETING WORKSHOP.

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Targeted workshop outcomes:

BEST PRACTICE: The team experiences outstanding examples of brands who are using the Metaverse to build their success
VISION: The team defines the long-term goals of its Metaverse presence
STRATEGY: The team adapts its existing brand strategy for the Metaverse
ACTIVITY ROAD MAP: The team crafts an array of activities and experiments via which the brand establishes its presence in the Metaverse, step by step

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The future is here! Teamed with neuroflash—an AI marketing platform rooted in neuroscience—BCR accelerates the creation of attention-grabbing ideas with proven power to captivate customers within 2 seconds. Achieve top-of-mind dominance seamlessly across all touchpoints.

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Our AI-Assisted approach helps you create the following assets in a neuroflash:

Innovation concepts with disruption and habit-forming power
Pack-Design that tells your product's story in the blink of an eye
High-impact benefit-claims that instantly project superiority
Attention-grabbing POS materials
Key visuals that maximise customer-desire across channels
Eye-catching headlines/slogans, for print, OOH, social media channels
Riveting posts for social media platforms
Engaging copy for websites, blogs, newsletters
Instant-generation of punchy, distinctive scripts for videos and TVC's

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ABout Us

photo frank chudy

Frank Chudy

CEO & Founder, Canadian based in Europe, degree in Behavior Science

“In this noisy world of hyper-choice, you only have a 2 seconds to cut through the clutter. Every element of your mix, whether packaging, design, or communication has only this brief window to set its hook and generate interest.”
photo frank chudy

Frank Chudy

CEO & Founder

Our company philosophy is IDEAMANSHIP IN A 2 SECOND WORLD. What's in it for our clients?

Since our inception, we've been dedicated to empowering B2C clients in crafting attention-grabbing customer-facing assets that convey a compelling story within 2 seconds. Leveraging two decades of refining the tools and processes of ideamanship, we offer our clients a proven edge in mastering these skills.

We stay at the forefront of the latest findings and trends related to customer desires, trust, and beliefs. Our diverse network comprises experts in Neural Science, Behaviorism, Anthropology, Zeitgeist, and Mythography—enabling us to shape narratives that resonate on a global scale.

We continuously enhance our tools, leveraging cutting-edge technology to boost the speed and efficiency of our clients' idea development.

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