A concept-development method that focuses on the front-of-pack (FOP).


"When I first used the new FOPPER methodology, I was absolutely thrilled about how it allows you to develop and fine-tune ideas without the need to start from lengthy written concepts, which were often too verbose and lacking focus. Indeed, with FOPPER, consumers can immediately grasp the idea by simply looking at the packaging. This is especially crucial for shoppers who have very little time to spare. Therefore, I highly recommend this innovative methodology, as it not only aids in idea development but also provides a clear direction for design refinement." Vittorio Sgaravatti, Global VP Milk, Lactalis

Consumers often spend just 2 seconds (or even less) to assess your front-of-pack (FOP) and decide whether to buy.

The FOPPER® empowers you to craft concepts that instantly leap out from the pack design. It helps you discover and balance semiotic codes - e.g., the product name, claims, ingredients, a visual hook - to tell your product story within a glance of the eye.


The FOPPER® is a co-creative concept development method that invites your consumers to help you translate your innovation idea/concept into packaging codes that consumers immediately and intuitively understand. For each idea, we help you find the most distinctive, relevant and impactful VISUAL and SEMANTIC CODES, so that it’s love-at-first-sight when consumer check out your pack.


Together, we navigate through three stages: (1) generating a collection of high-potential ideas that align with the project’s objectives, (2) crafting a FOP-rendition for each idea, and (3) participating in co-creative focus groups to identify the strongest concepts. Through this collaborative approach, we refine the semiotic codes, ensuring that the story of each idea leaps from the packaging.  

We offer a range of approaches, including quantitative, qualitative, and AI-assisted methods for the FOPPER. Our capability extends globally, allowing us to execute this methodology across multiple countries.

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